Spotlight: Michael Kampe

O cara tem 23 anos (a idade de quem vos escreve) e com padrinhos, ninguém mais ninguém menos que Viktor & Rolf. Recentemente lançou sua coleção com fortes pegas urbanas e passagens pela arte moderna. Michael Kampe foi entrevistado pela equipe da Dazed e transcrevo a entrevista abaixo:

"Where are you from/where you live?
I am from Berlin, studied the last three years in Antwerp and will be moving to Italy next month.

How old are you?23

How you became interested in fashion?Since I sketched my first designs in art-class by the age of 18, I was infected. Then I taught myself tailoring only by "reading" clothes, so when I felt that my 2D ideas can become alive in 3D I knew that this was what I want to do.

What's your collection about?My main Inspiration are 'Exploded View Drawings'. I was fascinated about the idea and image you get when you deconstruct existing pieces to its several parts and afterwards reconstruct them to a new piece. By doing so I changed their cut and experimented with new combinations of fabrics.

Where do you seek for inspiration?For the shapes I am inspired by architects and artists like Lebbeus Woods, Florian Baudrexel, E.V. Day and Lucy McRae (Lucy&Bart). Most of them I found on my gallery-trips in Berlin.

Why menswear?
In terms of innovation/function Menswear grabs me the most. I want to develop new shapes without losing the masculine aspect in the clothes which is essential for me.

What kind of fabrics and materials you use?
It is mix of digital printed cotton on foam, handbag leather, jersey with nylon and poplins with linen.

Tell us about the prints?
I created the prints by cutting photos from my inspiration. It was important for me that they are vivid and create an all-over look that covers the complete silhouette.

What do you think about German fashion?
I can feel a lot growing especially in Berlin, but still most of it does not seem very daring and fresh to me. I am sure this will change to next five years, especially if you think of how successful German designers are in international companies.

Plans for the future?Next month I will start working for Diesel and besides that i will keep on designing for my own line KAMPE. A casual denim line and women's collection are planned as well.

Who is your favourite designer and why?
From the 'old league', I like Charles James and Cristobal Balenciaga. From the recent Martin Margiela is interesting to me.

Where can we see your work?
I am planning presentations at Art Fairs and Showrooms the coming months - which will be announced on my Facebook page, meanwhile you are welcome to have a look on my photostream."

Fonte: Dazed & Confused

Abração, Doug Oberherr

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